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Why You Still Have a Double Chin After Weight Loss

Why You Still Have a Double Chin After Weight Loss

When you’re overweight or obese, having a double chin isn’t a surprise. But if you’ve worked to lose the extra pounds but still have excess fat under your chin, you’re probably wondering why — and feeling pretty frustrated, too!

After all, your face is the first thing people see. And if people notice a double chin, they can’t help but look at the rest of your body since seeing double chins usually signals a higher percentage of body fat elsewhere.  

The team at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours in Layton, Utah, understands the frustration having a double chin brings — especially when you’re at a healthy weight. We’re here to explain why you still have submental fullness, or a double chin. 

Keep reading to learn the answer, plus the noninvasive treatment our team uses to make you stop seeing double under the chin.   

Why a double chin when I’m thin everywhere else?

It’s true that the most common cause of double chins — and the reason that makes the most sense to the majority of people — is carrying extra weight. When you’re overweight or obese, the fat cells in your body get bigger, including the cells under your chin.

But now that you’ve worked hard to slim down and don’t have as many extra pounds, if you’re still facing a double chin when you look in the mirror, chances are another cause is to blame. Some of these reasons include:

And for some people, your genetics could simply make you more likely to store fat under your chin, no matter what you weigh.  

How can I ditch the double chin?

For patients who are overweight or obese, the providers at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours first recommend losing weight and exercising regularly to improve the appearance of a double chin.

But if you’re at a healthy weight and have submental fullness, it’s nearly impossible to diet and exercise your double chin away. If this describes you, your provider evaluates your medical history and discusses your goals to create a personalized treatment plan for your double chin. 

You can try incorporating specific jaw and neck exercises to tighten the muscles there. This helps pull the skin tighter, helping diminish the appearance of a double chin. However, there’s little scientific evidence to prove these exercises have any effect. 

That’s why our team has selected FDA-cleared SculpSure® Submental to safely and effectively help you ditch your double chin. The treatment, which relies on the power of laser lipolysis, is carefully calibrated to deliver the precise wavelength of energy required to blast submental fat. 

Your treatment session only takes about 30 minutes, and there aren’t any injections, incisions, or sutures required. And SculpSure Submental’s patented applicator spreads the heat energy so you end up with a naturally tapered chin and neck, not a sharp cut-off after the fat cells disappear. 

Plus, your results appear gradually, so you never look like you just “had work done.” Instead, in the weeks following your session, the blasted fat cells die and are removed through your lymphatic system. 

Your surrounding skin and tissues remain safe and protected, thanks to SculpSure Submental’s ContactCoolingTM technology. And because your body doesn’t make new fat cells to replace the treated cells, your double chin won’t return! 

If you’re ready to ditch your double chin, schedule a consultation online or over the phone at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours in Layton, Utah.

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