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What to Bring Up During Your Annual Physical

What to Bring Up During Your Annual Physical

Stopping a health problem before it escalates is the best way to prevent chronic health issues. Being proactive with your wellness by scheduling annual physical exams is a great way to catch any problems early and stay up-to-date with important health measures, like immunizations.

The board-certified providers at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours in Layton, Utah, offer annual physical exams to men, women, and families. During your annual physical, we assess your overall wellness to understand your baseline health by reviewing your health and family history, conducting a physical exam to look for abnormalities or disease, and more, including:

To help you get the most out of your appointment, keep reading to look at some topics to bring up during your physical.

1. Ask about your symptoms 

Your physical exam is the perfect time to bring up any new or differing symptoms you’re experiencing to your physical or mental health — even if they seem small or insignificant. You can ask your provider if what you’re experiencing is normal or cause for further exploration.

Keep in mind that while over 157 million American adults have a chronic disease or illness, fewer than half get the care they need. Avoid this by talking to your doctor about your symptoms. Some symptoms/changes to think about include:

With nearly three-quarters of Americans struggling to maintain a healthy weight, your annual physical is also the right time to review any concerns about body mass. Excess weight could result from dietary choices, but it could also be a symptom of an underlying health issue, such as thyroid disease.

2. Bring up medical/health changes 

Don’t forget to tell your provider about any changes to your medical record or health status. For example, if you’ve seen a specialist about a condition or have new insurance or information about your family history, bring it up during your annual physical. This appointment is a chance to update your provider and allow them to address any concerns these changes may raise. 

3. Discuss your lifestyle 

Your lifestyle choices, such as whether you smoke or use recreational drugs, the foods you eat (or don’t eat!), whether you get enough physical exercise or sleep, your sexual habits/preferences, how you manage stress, and more have a big effect on your overall health.

Your physical exam gives you the perfect chance to discuss your lifestyle and how it might affect your health. Keep in mind that everything you talk about with your provider is confidential and they’re there to help you.

4. Go over changes or concerns about medications

Be sure to go over any current medications, supplements, and vitamins you take. You can bring in the bottles instead of trying to remember the dose and name. If you need any refills, be sure to let your Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours provider know.

Your annual physical is also a good time to go over any problems you’re experiencing with your current medications. Your provider may recommend changing the dose or switching to a new medication if possible. If you’re worried about paying for your medications, this is also the right time and place to discuss that with your doctor. 

5. Talk about how to stay healthy

Your annual exam is the time to work with your provider and create health goals to help you stay healthy in the future. Ask about how you can prevent conditions or diseases for which you’re at risk, such as arthritis, diabetes, or high cholesterol. 

You can also go over the results of your bloodwork and ways to improve your health. For example, if your labs show you have low iron, your provider may suggest making dietary changes, such as eating more dark, leafy greens or beets, or taking an iron supplement. 

And if your provider suggests seeing a specialist, like a psychologist, cardiologist, or orthopedist, your physical is a good time to get a referral or suggestion.

Ready to come in for your annual physical exam? Schedule an appointment at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours in Layton, Utah by calling the office or messaging us online. 

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