Tips for Managing Your Diabetes This Holiday Season

Eating healthfully, managing your stress, and regularly exercising is important all year round for people with diabetes. It is especially important, however, during the holiday season, when so many tempting high-calorie, high-sugar, and overall unhealthy treats tempt you. 

One of the biggest problems with the holiday season is that these treats and temptations are around not just a night or week but for weeks. The key is to keep things in moderation and balance. You want to be able to enjoy the season without stressing over your health. 

You can do it — but you need a strategy. The expert medical team at Wasatch Peak Family Practice in Layton, Utah, shares advice to help you enjoy the holidays while managing your diabetes.  

Don’t skip meals to save up for later

One common school of thought is to skip or skimp on breakfast and lunch and save all your carbohydrates and treats for the party or dinner. Skimping meals can make it harder to manage your blood sugar and your hunger. It’s better to keep to your regular meal schedule, but, perhaps, eat a lighter breakfast and lunch. 

Don’t blow your calories on alcohol

Of all the fabulous holiday treats to choose from, don’t squander your calories and carbohydrates on a holiday cocktail. Alcohol can make your blood glucose rise and fall depending on how much you drink and whether you drink with food or on an empty stomach. Additionally, alcohol can weaken your will power, making it more difficult to resist your favorite holiday delicacies. 


Shopping and getting ready for the holidays can leave you with less free time. Exercise may be the first thing that gets cut from your healthy lifestyle. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t skip it. For one, it helps reduce stress, which is especially important during the busy holiday season. It also helps burn the excess calories consumed when you can’t resist that holiday pie. 

Choose wisely

Just because you shouldn’t splurge doesn’t mean you should abstain from all scrumptious holiday fare. Enjoy your favorite holiday pie, cookie, or cake. Just don’t eat ALL your favorite pies, cookies, and cakes. Choose a favorite or two to thoroughly enjoy. Balance those treats with a healthy serving of lean meat and vegetables. 

To help manage your diabetes during the holidays and year-round, call Wasatch Peak Family Practice or request an appointment online

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