The Best New Way to Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Banish double chin with Kybella

A double chin, or submental fat, occurs when you have excess fat that forms beneath your chin. While most people associate double chins with weight problems, even the slimmest and healthiest person can have one.

Dr. Jeffery DeGrauw and our team at Wasatch Peak Family Practice understand the role your appearance plays in your self-confidence. To help you look and feel your best, we offer the most advanced and clinically proven aesthetic treatments, including SculpSure® for double chin treatment.

The dreaded double chin

Even though weight gain can significantly increase your chances of having a double chin, your diet alone isn’t to blame. Additional things that play a role in your submental fat include aging, genes, and posture.

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. When this happens, it’s common to notice extra skin or fat underneath your neck, especially if you have family members with double chins. Your skin can also lose elasticity over time from poor posture because the muscles in your neck and chin weaken.

Submental fat deposits are usually fat resistant, so the only treatment solutions were cosmetic surgeries that came with painful downtimes. Until now.

SculpSure and submental fat

SculpSure is a cutting-edge treatment that uses noninvasive laser energy to target and destroy fat cells with heat. This technology can safely remove up to 24% of fat cells from numerous areas of your body, including your thighs, waist, and belly. In 2017, the FDA approved SculpSure’s most innovative fat-busting treatment yet: SculpSure Submental.

SculpSure Submental relies on a specially designed applicator that fits beneath your chin. Over 25 minutes, SculpSure delivers precise amounts of heat to your double chin to damage your fat cells while simultaneously cooling the surface of your skin. After being exposed to specific temperatures, your fat cells die. Then, your body naturally absorbs them and flushes the dead cells from your system. Once you destroy fat cells, they can’t return.

This advanced technology is safe for all skin types. SculpSure Submental also offers results for men and women with BMIs up to 43, in between 1-3 treatments.

Say goodbye to your double chin

Our SculpSure Submental treatments are fast and relatively comfortable. During your appointment, we evaluate the skin tissue underneath your chin and mark the treatment site. Before your SculpSure Submental session begins, it’s important to remove any facial hair from the area.

To prepare for your treatment, we provide protective eyewear and a covering for your hair. Then we place and adjust the SculpSure Submental headgear before attaching the SculpSure Submental applicator underneath your chin.

While your SculpSure treatment is underway, you’ll notice warmth and deep heat underneath your chin. These sessions are relatively comfortable, and you can read or relax while it’s underway. Afterward, you can resume normal activities immediately. You may have mild swelling, redness, or tenderness in the area, but this fades quickly.

After having SculpSure Submental treatments, you can expect to see results within the next six weeks as your body flushes your dead submental fat cells from your body.

To see if SculpSure Submental can help you get rid of your double chin, call Wasatch Peak Family Practice or schedule an appointment online today.


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