Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey by Eliminating Stubborn Fat Rolls With SculpSure®️

Hate it, embrace it it, don’t care about it… everyone’s relationship to body fat differs, and while we encourage self-acceptance, we know that stubborn body fat can be seriously frustrating. That’s why we offer SculpSure®️ at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours.

We think everyone deserves an easy, noninvasive way to finish off their weight-loss journey — something that won’t break the bank, and something that doesn’t require downtime, so you can get right back to showing off all of your hard work. SculpSure, a revolutionary body-contouring treatment, does just that. Here’s how it can help you.

What is SculpSure?

A light-based laser system, SculpSure heats targeted fat cells up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit, which kills them and causes them to disintegrate over time. If that sounds too hot, don’t worry: The SculpSure system features a cooling cycle to prevent any burns or damage to your skin or tissue.

How SculpSure works

Each SculpSure treatment takes about a half-hour. The body-contouring process works in four parts:

Target: SculpSure’s laser targets fat cells beneath your skin’s surface and painlessly heats them.

Reduce: The heat damages the structural integrity of those fat cells, effectively reducing the amount of body fat in the targeted area.

Eliminate: Your body processes the damaged fat cells and eliminates them naturally, through your lymphatic system, over several weeks.

Results: Fat cells don’t regenerate after they’re damaged and expelled; they’re permanently removed.

You may see SculpSure results as soon as six weeks after a treatment, but optimal results usually appear around 12 weeks. You might need multiple treatments to obtain your desired results when tackling those stubborn fat rolls, but you notice a difference after even one treatment.

Yes, SculpSure is safe

It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no catch. SculpSure laser lipolysis has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating your stomach, love handles, back, thighs, and chin.

While Sculpsure is a fantastic method for getting rid of minimal amounts of body fat, it’s not intended as a weight-loss treatment. You’re a good candidate for SculpSure if you’re already at a healthy weight and close to your ideal body composition.

How to get started and what to expect

SculpSure can reduce unwanted body fat in your selected treatment areas by up to 25%. First, you consult with a provider at Oceans Contours about your goals and current health status. When you’re ready to begin, you can schedule your first treatment.

During the SculpSure procedure, you relax in a comfortable position while your provider aims the laser device at your targeted areas. You feel a cooling effect at first, followed by a warmth or tingling sensation. After about 25 minutes, you’re free to go and continue on with your day.

If you’re ready to finish off your weight loss journey and finally get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat, call the Oceans Contours team today, or request a SculpSure appointment online.

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