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You Don't Have To Live with a Double Chin

You Don't Have To Live with a Double Chin

Every person has some submental fat, or a little extra fat under the chin. Some people can have extra submental fat, which causes the appearance of a double chin

The medical community calls this submental fullness, but no matter what you call it, having extra fat under your face is never welcome. Fortunately, there are ways to banish the bulge under your chin — with no incisions, injections, or surgery. 

At Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours in Layton, Utah, our aesthetic team uses FDA-cleared SculpSure® Submental to safely and effectively destroy the fat cells causing your double chin.

Many of our patients wonder why they have a double chin while other people don’t — especially if they’re at or near their ideal body weight. 

To answer this common question, we put together this helpful guide. Keep reading to learn about the many causes of double chins and how we can help you say goodbye to yours for good.

Why you might have a double chin

There is more than one cause of submental fullness, or double chins. One of the most common is being overweight or obese, which causes your body to store excess fat under your chin.

But not everyone who’s overweight has a double chin, and you don’t have to weigh more than you should to have submental fullness. People of all shapes and sizes have double chins for many different reasons. 

Other reasons you might have a double chin include:

Some people also develop double chins because of their anatomy, or the way the bones, muscles, fat, and other tissues come together in their jaw, chin, and neck. For example, having a short jaw or weak chin can create the appearance of a double chin.

How we can make your double chin disappear

If you have a double chin, chances are you’ve tried to shed the fat in different ways. But submental fat is one of the most challenging types of fat to get rid of on your own. This is even more true for people at or near a healthy weight. 

That’s why the team at Wasatch Family Practice & Oceans Contours chose FDA-cleared SculpSure Submental to blast the fat cells under your chin in less than 30 minutes, making them disappear for good. And with SculpSure Submental, you don’t need to worry about painful injections or the long recovery associated with surgery. 

SculpSure Submental relies on the power of light energy to get amazing results without the pain and risks associated with other treatment methods. The system targets your submental fat using the exact wavelength of energy (1060nm) needed to break down this type of fat. 

The specially designed applicator also uses a patented technique to spread the heat energy so that the fat naturally tapers away. And the system’s ContactCoolingTM technology keeps your surrounding tissues protected and comfortable.

The result? A natural looking single chin with no double in sight. 

Results won’t appear right away. The SculpSure Submental system breaks down your fat cells while your body’s natural waste-removal system removes them with other cellular waste. You'll start to see noticeable results in the weeks and months following treatment. 

The best part is that your destroyed fat cells will never come back. This means after treatment, your submental fat is banished forever.

To learn if you’re a good candidate for cutting-edge SculpSure Submental or to find out more about the causes of double chins, schedule an appointment today with a provider at Wasatch Peak Family Practice & Oceans Contours in Layton, Utah. You can also message us online. 

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