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5 Ways to Manage Your Blood Sugar Through the Holidays

5 Ways to Manage Your Blood Sugar Through the Holidays

Starting with Halloween and running through the end of the year, the fall and winter holiday season offers us many opportunities to celebrate. Unfortunately, the holidays also provide endless temptations of rich, sugar-laden, fatty foods. 

These temptations are hard to pass up, but too many provide unhealthy options in which it’s easy to overindulge. However, for people with diabetes, these foods and beverages can derail not just the waistline, but also blood sugar management and overall health.

At Wasatch Peak Family Practice in Layton, Utah, our knowledgeable family practice medical team can help you manage your blood sugar through the holiday season and all year round. Here, they share simple ways you can balance your blood sugar while still enjoying your holiday celebrations.

Choose your favorite dessert

It's okay to sneak a piece of candy from your child's Halloween bag, as long as you restrict it to one piece. And there’s no need to try to resist all the treats on the dessert table, but there's no need to eat all of them, either. Is pumpkin pie a favorite? Do you love Snickers®? The key is moderation. If you satisfy a craving or indulge in a small serving of your favorite dessert, you won't be tempted to go overboard. 

Bring something healthy

When it's your turn to contribute to a holiday feast or party, bring something healthy. That way, you can fill your plate with mashed cauliflower or a beautiful salad, so you won't be tempted to fill it with carb-heavy dishes such as mashed potatoes or stuffing. And for dessert, bring a fruit salad or fruit tart to end your meal on a healthy note. 

Go for a walk

During the holidays, you may be tempted to skip out on your exercise routine because you're feeling busy and stressed. However, exercise is exactly what you need to reduce stress and manage your weight and blood sugar level when eating more than normal. Walking is an easy way to exercise while catching up with friends and family and reducing stress.

Stay away from the table

Here's a simple idea to resist holiday treats: stay away from them. If you're near the buffet table or hors d'oeuvres, you'll be tempted to graze. Instead, pick a spot away from the table to catch up with your friends and family members. Remember: out of sight, out of mind, and out of your stomach. 

Choose your beverage wisely

Water will keep you hydrated and help you control your hunger. On the other hand, alcohol can lower your blood sugar levels and diminish your willpower to stay on track with healthy eating. If you want to imbibe, stick to the recommended amount of one drink a day for women and two for men. 

For more information on managing your diabetes, call Wasatch Peak Family Practice at 801-210-9984 to make an appointment. You can also request one online through our website.  

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