3 Benefits of Seeing a Primary Care Provider

A primary care doctor is the first stop you should make when taking care of your health. Primary care providers, or PCPs, help integrate all your health care needs, including general health, women’s health, behavioral health, and specialty care. 

PCPs are generalists who see people for various health issues, whether a sore throat, ear infection, or flu, as well as chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. They see you for an annual checkup when you’re most likely healthy, but they are always there for you when you’re sick or not feeling well.

Usually, PCPs are family doctors, such as the medical team at Wasatch Peak Family Practice, internists, or nurse practitioners. The expert providers at Wasatch Peak Family Practice in Layton, Utah, share three of the many benefits of seeing a primary care provider. 

You’ll stay healthier

Annual visits combined with sick visits will ensure that you’re up to date on screenings and tests that can detect diseases early, when they are more easily treatable. One study published last year found that greater access to primary care leads to a longer life. Furthermore, a survey of nearly 75,000 adults in the US revealed that adults with a PCP were significantly more likely to fill prescriptions, schedule annual checkups, and receive life-saving cancer screenings than those without a PCP.

You’ll save money

First, preventative primary care is often covered by insurance. By keeping up to date on important health screenings, vaccinations, and tests, you’re more likely to prevent or manage illness early instead of at an advanced stage, at which time specialist visits and medications may be costlier. One study found that those with primary care had lower health care costs than those without it. Another study found that people with primary care have 18% fewer costly hospital admissions and 36% fewer readmissions than those without primary care access. 

A PCP is there for you in sickness and in health

When you’re sick, you want to see someone you can trust, especially during the current pandemic. Seeing your primary doctor every year enables you to develop a relationship and allows your doctor to get to know you and your family and their health needs. Fortunately, you’re probably well most of the time, but when you don’t feel well, have a fever, or get into an accident, it’s good to know you have someone you can see. 

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